Justin Hamm

160 lbs / 14% body fat off season
143lbs / 7% body fat contest season
Bodybuilder / Powerlifter
Favorite Movie: Rudy
Favorite Supplement: NOVAPLEX

Justin Before 


Justin After 





Born with Vater Syndrome
Open heart surgery, one kidney two stomachs one taken out, that’s just a start.
After doctors said I would never live thru some of my surgeries when I was a new born and told my mom and dad I wouldn’t see 18 and 18 surgeries later I use it to feed the animal in me to prove anyone can do anything with heart and drive.
I have been very lucky to have some of the best people to take me under their wings an meet some great people on the journey I call life. Since IP Pharma believed in me and put their faith in me as a atlhete I will HINDER THE WEAKNESS and stay focus and hopefully prove if you want it go it.
What else can you ask for great support and family and the best supplements on earth.

Contest History

  • NPC 2010 battle of the bluff second place
  • 2012 southern classic second place
  • 2013 southern classic second
  • Powerlifting 2004-2006 2. SLP meet wins and record for deadlifts
  • NASA 3 meets wins in 3 different weight classes the years I competed I made their top 20 lifters